Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finally Underway

It took me a couple of days to get unstuck, but I am certainly rolling on the "Thrifty 50" challenge now. I think I mentioned before that I'm planning to make nightgowns for my two youngest girls, to be given Christmas Eve. Then, I had planned to make matching nightgowns for the new dolls they'll find under the tree Christmas morning. So, far, I have the girls' nightgowns sewn and will put the elastic in tonight. I'll have to find a sneaky way to hem them without tipping the girls off. The dolly nightgowns have been cut out, and are awaiting sewing tonight (I hope).

My cost for all of this so far? $1.29, the price of a new package of 1/4 inch elastic. I used fabric from my stash to make the gowns, plus the YCMT "Portrait Peasant" pattern I already own. Not bad for a gift that I am certain they will love.

Next up after the dresses is the Reversible Crayon Apron. I'm tentatively planning to mix stash and new fabrics for this one, as my collection of colorful calico has been depleted by my oldest daughter. I'm proud to say that she's learning to sew, too! 

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