Saturday, November 22, 2008

Before, After and Before Again

I was planning to post before and after pics of my newly spiffed-up crafting corner. But I got as far as the spiffing up and started crafting right away. So, once again, the area is a "before," not an "after," albeit without the pacifiers, dolls and other assorted goodies the younger children left behind.

I had planned to start making teacher gifts using the You Can Make This freebie "Hanging Holiday Star" pattern. And I still will. As it turns out, embroidery is not as easy as it appears. Mine will need a little more work before becoming gift-worthy. Just in case my technique never does quite get up to snuff, I have been puttering with a no -embroidery adaptation of the pattern. 

As I puttered happily, however, I found my thoughts returning to the children and their gift wants and needs. So, I decided to start "where the heart is," with gifts for my two youngest girls. Here's what I see under the tree for them:
  • new nightgowns (to be gifted Christmas Eve) made from the YCMT "Portrait Peasant Tops and Dresses" pattern I already own. The pic above shows them in the dresses I already made from this pattern.
  • "faux" American Girl dolls with haircuts (our hairstylist already volunteered) and nightgowns to match theirs
  • more clothes for their dollies, time permitting (the Easy Fit Pants pattern I already have has some, and I hope to make a few "Twirls for Girls" skirts for both gifts and donations)
  • reversible crayon aprons (my "gift" YCMT pattern for participating in this contest)
  • angel costumes (my six-year-old's request), also from the "Portrait Peasant" pattern
  • chef hats to match the crayon aprons
  • interesting cooking gear (thrift store) and cake mixes, etc. (grocery store) to complete the "chef" theme
At this point, this is definitely a wish list. TIme and budget will help determine how many become reality. 

I made a good start this afternoon by cutting out a nightgown for my youngest daughter and her doll, using fabric from my stash and the pattern I already own. And it looks like I'll have plenty of flannel left for the second daughter/dolly duo. My husband has promised to take all five children to the aquarium tomorrow, so I should be able to get some serious sewing done then.

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Kris said...

Wow! You have some WONDERFUL ideas listed here! I especially love your idea of the pajamas and matching doll pajamas. My girl would just love that, so thank you for the inspiration! Can't wait to see what you do!